Development Bridging Finance

Development bridging finance

Bridging Finance – How we can support you!

The property market moves fast and development bridging finance can enable developers to respond quickly to get an edge.  We have a huge panel of specialist funding providers whom can provide fast approval for development bridging finance with completion as fast as 7 days.

Examples of Bridging Finance:

  • Terms from 3 months +
  • Rates from 0.49% PM*
  • Used for auction purchases, acquiring sites without existing planning consent, HMO acquisitions

Development bridging finance will usually be for a short term period, for example when acquiring a new development site before achieving planning consent. Whilst not all bridging finance providers will accept the land as security before planning is obtained, there are those that will subject to security offered. Such bridging will then subsequently be refinanced with bank development funding to commence the construction. Usually traditional high street banks will not allow a loan to be secured on an uninhabitable piece of land and so specialist advice will be required.

A typical bridging finance facility will range from three to twelve months but extended terms are not unheard of.

Our work for you is commitment free, independent and with highly competitive success only fees!

The property market moves fast and being able to response quickly to an opportunity with bridging finance can give you an edge.

Understanding Your Bridging Finance Requirements

We understand lenders and know how they think.  This means that we can help you put together a funding application that will inform, reassure and sell an opportunity to our specialist lenders.

Every bridging funding lender will have their own appetite for opportunities, we understand the intricacies of their criteria and will help you find the right funder for your requirements.

We do not just ‘cut and paste’ information into an email and fire it and hope for the best; we will build a professionally packaged deal opportunity to the right lenders for you.

Property Development Bridging Broker Presentation

Whatever your level of experience, from seasoned long term professionals to first time investors, we can help you find the best real estate bridging options.

If you are interested in searching for bridging finance then click here to search for available products or call us today on 0207 096 2003.


*subject to meeting criteria

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