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If you are a property developer looking for development finance or a borrower looking for property bridging finance for any reason then you have come to the right place to compare property finance lenders and get the right deal for you!

Compare property development finance lenders

Borrowers use our innovative online comparison tool to find the loan product you want

Including development, mezzanine, bridging & development exit loans

Find fast bridging loans & development loans up to 100% LTC from over £25,000 to £150 Million

Make your project a reality now!

Reasons to use our loan matching service to compare property finance lenders:
  • Easy to use service with no obligation or upfront fee’s that will not affect your credit score!
  • Enter your loan requirement once and we search the market for you – instantly
  • With one click we compare against 320+ loan products from over 120 lenders
  • We match against the UK region, project type, facility size, your available equity, LTC, LTV and much more
  • You choose the lending products of interest and with one click, we work with you to process your application
  • We package your loan requirements into a professional document to present to the lender’s
  • Your account allows you to securely manage, update and re-search for loans whenever convenient to you
  • You have control, all information is kept private and our website has secure SSL encryption
  • Our Support Team can answer questions to guide you or deal with the whole process for you if you prefer*
Watch our easy to follow tuorial video to hints and tips on how to search and compare property development finance.
compare property development finance lenders

Within minutes you can enter all of the essential information that lenders will need in order to assess your project

We package your loan requirements into a professional document and present this to the lenders you choose. Our packaged document is designed to be easy for lenders to read and quick for underwriters to access your requirements

Quick.  Easy.  Professional.

Follow these simple steps to compare property finance lenders in just a few minutes!

1.      Create / login to your account


Login any time to search or update your projects!

2.     Start your loan search from your account page!


Select the loan type and complete our short form based on your loan requirements.

3.    Submit to compare loans instantly.

compare property development finance lenders

We search the available loans against your requirements and instantly display all potential matches!

4.     Select the loan(s) you are interested in.

compare property development finance lenders

Simply click and we get the process moving!

Frequently Asked Questions

What loans can I search and apply for?

Our online loan matching and comparison service is currently available for Development (including senior and also stretched senior), Mezzanine and Bridge loans. We are constantly working hard to add new lenders and their products to our platform.

As a specialist property development broker we are also able to assist with VAT bridging loans. If you have a requirement for a VAT bridging loan then please contact us on

Do you share my information?

No, we keep your information completely private and do not share with any third parties other than those necessary for placing your loan requirements.  Naturally, you will be advised as to whom we pass information to when approaching lenders and in accordance with our privacy policy.

What happens if I do not get any matches to my funding search?

If your first funding search does not find a match then consider why this may be. Is your Loan to Cost (LTC) too high? If so, perhaps you can put in some additional cash equity?

Could you put in some additional security that you can add a proportion of to the equity figure? You do not have to enter all of the information again, simply tweak the numbers applicable. You can update a loans details by clicking the “update” button next to the loan listed on the “previous searches” tab within the “my account” page.

Still got questions?  Then email our funding support team at

Will your funding search affect my credit score?

No, if you compare property development finance lenders using our service then our initial searches are purely based upon matching your funding requirement to the available lending products and no credit search is done.  In due course, any lender that you proceed with may do such credit searches and you should discuss this with them at the appropriate stage.

Still got questions?  Then email our funding support team at

Can I save my information and search or edit it at a later date?

Yes. Once you have created your account you will be asked to submit the key financial information for the loan requirement. Once you have done this then the information will be saved under the “previous searches” tab within the “my account” page. You can search at a later date and/or update any information as necessary using the “previous searches” page.

I am not sure which lending product I need - can you help?

You can find out more about senior development finance here, mezzanine funding here and stretch funding here.  These articles will help explain the differences between each type of lending product.  Still not too sure?  No problem, simply email us here at and quote your search reference number (if you have one).  One of our Funding Support Team will try to assist.

My funding requirements do not fit your system; can you assist further?

Yes, if for example your looking at a more complex case or just need some help then you can simply email us via with details of your loan requirements and our team of experienced brokers will be able to assist you. We are deal makers and can help with large projects, phased projects, complex deals, part complete developments, unusual bridging requirements or planning arrangements and 100% funding plus many other types of cases.

Is Developer Money Market a brokerage service?

Developer Money Market (DMM) is both a specialist property development finance broker and a comparison site. We connect borrowers to lenders from which we may receive a share of the lenders arrangement fee. This is typically 1% of the net / gross facility amount and is paid to us by the lender if the deal reaches first drawdown (this fee is usually included in the loan).

We can assist on complex requirements providing bespoke structured finance for which there may be an additional fee. This will be agreed upfront, will again only be due if the deal reaches first drawdown and this fee is usually included in the loan.

Does Developer Money Market receive a fee for successfully introducing a loan from a lender?

Yes, when you successfully make your first drawdown from a lender introduced by Developer Money Market then we will receive a share of the lender’s arrangement fee. Typically, this fee is 1% of the net / gross facility amount and is usually included in the lender’s indicative terms.

Is your introductory fee included in the quoted Arrangement Fees within the search results?

Yes, typically our fee is included in the arrangement fee which will be detailed on any indicative terms received from lenders. Our fee is only payable upon a successful first drawdown.

Do you give a preference to any particular lender?

No, our automated matching system will match the best loan to your funding requirement from the products available.

You are welcome to use our quick and easy online loan matching and comparison service or if you prefer you can contact us and will be very happy to assist you with securing funding in a more traditional brokerage capacity. In doing so we will use our wealth of knowledge and relationships with lender’s to find the right finance for your project.

We look forward to working with you.

DMM Team

Looking for development, mezzanine, bridging or development exit finance?