Independent Finance Broker Services

Developer Money Market is an independent finance broker founded 2019 with the aspiration to make finding property investment finance easier.  Our innovative online loan search platform was the first in the UK to enable property developers to instantly compare potential loan products.  But this market leading comparison tool is just the start as we aspire to ‘raise the bar’ for specialist development finance brokerage.

Our team come from a lending background and so wanted to create exceptional levels of service including creating professional loan applications that make it easy for lenders to quickly assess a deal.  We strive to give excellent start-to-end support to borrowers from their initial inquiry right through to getting their first drawdown.  The following is an insight into our team and the range of independent finance broker services.

Independent development finance broker

Independent Finance Broker Services

Property Funding

We are a specialist independent property finance broker that goes the extra mile to source funding for your next project!


Get a guaranteed purchase agreement for up to 80% of your GDV AND use the deposit payment towards your Day 1 costs.


Get a guaranteed purchase agreement for up to 80% of your GDV AND use the deposit payment towards your Day 1 costs.

100% Joint Venture

We have lenders and investment solutions to help you source 100% of your project acquisition and build costs.


Our VAT lenders will help solve short term cash flow issues that come from HMRC demands.

Greener Homes
Interest Discounts

SME developers can source discounted interest rates on facilities up to £20 million when meeting energy efficiency targets.


Our equity investors can provide around £250,000 to £1.25 million cash into your project.

Land Remediation
Tax Relief

Claim tax relief of up to 28.5p in the pound against clearance and decontamination works spent in the past two years.

Mortgages & Refinancing

Buy-to-Let mortgages, block and portfolio refinancing options for investors.

Our mission

Having come from a lender background, we understood only too well how poorly many finance brokers presented their clients lending requirements.  So many finance brokers simply sent an application that ranged from a single sentence, to huge documents of pointless ‘cut and pasted’ information to wade through. 

Developer Money Market set out to create an independent finance broker service that brings new levels of service to borrowers.  When proposing a deal to leanders we create detailed, but succinct documents that makes the data a lender needs to understand both easy to find and easy to quickly assess.

We work closely with our clients to build a pitch for funding that has the financial data required, a detailed explanation of the project requiring funding and, importantly, the ability of the borrower to successfully complete the project.

We will support you through the whole application for funding process and work with you to find the widest range of options we can.  From Developer Money Market you will receive:

  • Dedication to supporting you from start to finish
  • Access to more than 320 loan products
  • Independent finance broker with a panel of more than 120+ lenders
  • A ‘never give up’ attitude
Independent Finance Broker

“We give you our total dedication to finding the funding you require and to getting a deal done!”

Jason Dempsey – Director

If you would like an informal chat with an independent finance broker then please call us on 0207 096 2003 or email at, search for finance instantly here via our online loan platform or learn more about our services from our YouTube Channel here.

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