Brochure Design for New Homes

top ten tips for new homes brochure design

Whether you will be having professionally printed information or slick electronic material, a new homes brochure design could be one of the best investments you make. A new property development is a big investment in both time and money so cutting corners with your marketing material could be a costly mistake.

New homes brochure design is about engaging your potential occupier and igniting their desire to live in the home you are creating. If you can engage someone’s emotions then their commitment to acquiring their new home could mean a new sale.

Making a plan

Part of the process of achieving a quality end product to promote your new development project then employ a professional firm to create your brochure design. When you take your brief then ensure that you have your objectives clearly set out. A designer will need to understand:

  • Your commercial branding and identity
  • What are the special features of your project?
  • Whom are your target audience?
  • The subject matter content you want to include
  • If there is other supporting marketing initiatives

A good new homes brochure design will tie in seamlessly with your site signage, website and any other material you are using.

Invest to save!

So often we see poorly written content with grammatical or spelling errors that will not look good to anyone. So, an investment in a professional copy writer will ensure that errors are avoided and the real message gets across.

The same goes for images and photography! A picture is worth a thousand words they say; and they are not wrong. A few snaps will not do and neither will cheesy stock images bought cheaply online. Image is everything and taking the time to get this element right will pay dividends.

Brochure Design for New Homes

Include the right information

A brochure is about inspiring people but also to inform them. Make sure that your new homes brochure design includes:

  • What will the development will look like – get great CGI’s!
  • What is the location and area like?
  • What are the USP’s
  • Detailed specification
  • And so on!

Design is an art and so if you would like information or a quotation for great new homes brochure design then contact us here or call us on 0207 096 2003.  Read our top ten tips for brochure design here.

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