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Welcome to Developer Money Market

We provide property developers, your potential borrowers, with a quick and easy means to match their funding requirements to your lending products.  By registering your funding products with us we can include them into our bespoke matching system and, where appropriate, provide you with qualified leads!

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We are not ordinary.

We are pushing established expectations in property development lending.

Get on board with your loan products and receive qualified leads!

So why should you register your lending products with us?
  • Our system does not prioritise any lender over another
  • A potential borrower can enter the key details of their loan requirement within minutes
  • Our secure system provides an online comparison of the best matched products
  • Our system allows for mezzanine, stretch and development loans
  • You will receive qualified leads based only against your product criteria
  • We do not spam – all leads are carefully monitored before we submit
  • Each lead is presented in a concise, easy to assess document with all key criteria detailed
  • By creating a secure account with us you can register your lending product(s) and update your criteria at any time
  • Introduction fees are only charged upon a successful completion of a deal and at first drawdown

Follow the following 3 easy steps to register your account and lending products.

1.      Create / login to your account


Login to update your loan product criteria!

2.     Enter your loan product criteria


Click the button below and enter your criteria.

3.    Your products are added to our comparison tool

compare property development finance lenders

We will send you high quality development loan opportunities!

We look forward to working with you!

DMM Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What lending products do you offer your clients?

We offer an online comparison tool for mezzanine, bridge, stretch and development loans.

Still got questions?  Then email our funding support team at [email protected]

What information do you provide?

We will send you a concise, easy to assess document with all of the salient information you require to make your initial assessment as to whether a deal is of interest.  Naturally, further details can be requested directly from the potential borrower or with our assistance.

Still got questions?  Then email our funding support team at [email protected]

What introduction fees do you want?

For direct lead generation then we request a fee of 0.5% payable upon a successful first drawdown.

Still got questions?  Then email our funding support team at [email protected]

How often may I update my loan product criteria?

Once you have created your secure account, you may update your criteria for each lending product as many times, and whenever, you may wish.  Please be aware that changes to our matching system may take 24 hours to be implemented.

Is Developer Money Market FCA regulated?

No, we are not regulated and, therefore, only work with limited companies seeking unregulated development loans.  We always check this with every application and do not get involved with any potential borrowers that intend to live in their development project upon wish they want funding.

Still got questions?  Email us here at [email protected]

Still wondering how we can find you leads for your development funding loans?

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