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If you have a database of property developer or investor clients, then we can provide you with an easy means to promote our services through a simple web link.

If your client successfully completes a loan facility through DMM, then you get a commission of between 10-20% of our fee.

Typical introduction fees can range from £100 to £30,000 but there is no limit!

If you work with property professionals, then you have the potential to be an introducer

You can turn a simple introduction into a revenue generating opportunity

A typical introducer is an estate agent, accountant or architect, but can be anyone

No fees. No commitment.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

  • If you have a list of property developer clients or property investor clients, then we can provide them with great services to help them acquire, build or invest
  • We will provide you with a weblink that is unique to you
  • You simply add that link into your website, email, mailshot or any other electronic format
  • If your client clicks through to our website, that introduction will be registered to you
  • If that client goes on to complete a loan facility through DMM, then you get paid a commission!

Why be an affiliate for DMM?

  • We do all of the work
  • We can offer your client more than 300 loan products from more than 120 specialist lenders
  • We will offer your client independent support to find them the widest options we can
  • Get double rewards for high volume introductions
  • You do not need any technical knowledge
  • We will track your introductions and let you know when a deal is progressing
  • View your introduction report via your account whenever you wish
No minimum number of introductions – No Costs – No Commitment!

Want to learn more?

Call us today on 0207 096 2003 and we’ll be pleased to discuss the options.

We promise no hard sell and no geeky speak; just a straight forward chat to see what is possible!