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Developer Money Market’s broker loan search platform offers finance brokers and introducers for property development finance and bridging, online access to our database of lenders and loan products.  We maintain an independent database of 275+ property loans including development, stretch, mezzanine, JV, bridging and development exit loan products for facilities from over £25,000 to £150 million from over 100 lenders.

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Broker Loan Search Platform

Innovative online comparison tool to find the right loan product for your client

Development loans up to 100% LTC and from over £25,000 to £150 Million

275+ development, stretch, mezzanine, JV, bridging & development exit loans

Match loans based on your clients specific financial requirements!

Save yourself time and money, match with loan products within two minutes

Simply enter the key data needed to find the best loan product match

Use our summary appraisal to check your numbers before you search

Your submissions are saved so that you can search again should the numbers change

Broker online loan search platform

Loans are matched to your requirements, including type of development, type of security, LTC, LTV, GDV, facility size etc

Get instant matches from suitable loan products

Sort and compare results including indicative interest rates, in / out fees, max term, etc

Get an full contact details for all the lenders plus an insight into each loan products pro’s & con’s as well as details of the lenders appetite


Apply today and get a FREE trial account set up to do your first loan searches on our broker loan search platform.  Information is power and we update our data sets everyday which means you can focus on placing loans and not finding products or lenders.

If you have any questions then check out our FAQ’s below or email us via [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the trial and when do you take the first payment?

You can create an account for a free trial without commitment.

You can try our broker loan search platform for FREE, for 5 days.  You will have to enter your payment details upon signup but may cancel this at any time up to the end of the free trial period.  After which the system will automatically take payment based on the subscription fee of £44.99 per month.

If you would like to change your subscription plan to either quarterly or yearly then you should cancel your subscription before it reaches the end of the free period.  Once cancelled and your free five days has expired you can visit this page to select the plan you require.  Any further questions then just call us on 0207 096 2003 or email at [email protected].

Is there a minimum contract term?

No, there is no contract or commitment.  You can cancel the renewal of your subscription plan at any time and no further payment will be taken at the end of that plan.  However, once you have paid for the plan required, then your membership will last until the end of that term.

Do you take a commission?

No, there is no additional commission to us.

What loans can I search for?

Our online loan matching and comparison service is currently available for development (including senior and stretched senior), mezzanine, bridging and development exit loans.  We are constantly working hard to add new lenders and their products to our platform.

Is my information kept private?

Yes, your data is only visible to you and not other members.  For support and diagnostics reasons Developer Money Market can see all product / lender search submissions, however, we do not ask brokers for any data that can identify either your client or your clients projects address.  We also do not share any data with any third parties.  We follow all compliance with GDPR.  Our site uses 100% SECURE SSL ENCRYPTION.  Data Protection Act 1998, ICO registration number ZA542557

What happens if I do not get any matches to my funding search?

If your first funding search does not find a match then consider why this may be.  Is your Loan to Cost (LTC) too high?  If so, perhaps your client can put in some additional cash equity?  Could your client put in some additional security that you can add a proportion of to the equity figure?  Try this and search again via My Account.  You do not have to enter all of the information again, simply access your existing submission via the “Submissions” tab within the “My Account” page and tweak the numbers applicable to re-search with the new data.

Still got questions?  Then email our funding support team at [email protected]

Can I save my information and search or edit it at a later date?

Yes. Once you have created your account you will be asked to submit the key financial information for the loan requirement. Submission information for each search you do will be saved to your account. You can re-search any existing submission at a later date and/or update any existing submissions as necessary. This can be done simply by accessing your existing submissions via the “Previous Searches” tab within the “My Account” page.

Do the quoted arrangement fees include our brokerage introduction fee?

The arrangement fee is as quoted by the lender whom may in some circumstances then need to add your fee in addition. Some lenders may share the arrangement fee but you should clarify this upon first contact.

Do you give a preference to any particular lender?

No, our automated matching system will match the best loan to your funding requirement from the products available.

Does Developer Money Market take a commission for providing this service?

No, there are no additional fees due to Developer Money Market.  The search does not require any client or project address details so you can rest assured your lead stays confidential to you.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription to our broker loan search platform.

You can cancel the renewal of your subscription plan at any time and no further payment will be taken at the end of that plan.  However, once you have paid for the plan required, then your membership will last until the end of that term.

You can review our terms and conditions here.

Are the loan products FCA regulated?

Developer Money Market only works with non-regulated products which are not suitable if property is to be occupied by the borrower or family thereof.  Developer Money Market is a trading name of DMM Technologies Ltd is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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