Funding Solutions for Renewable Energy

As we all experience the extreme heat, the changing climate is a reminder that climate change reduction projects and funding solutions for renewable energy is increasingly important.

The Climate Emergency

With extreme weather in the UK becoming a more frequent event, the need for finding solutions to slow climate change is ever growing challenge.  Greenpeace put the blame for climate change on the use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas because the burning of them releases carbon dioxide, together with other greenhouse gases.  Carbon dioxide traps heat from the sun which is causing the earth to warm up fast.  The UK’s top ten warmest years have occurred since 2002!

The UK has a target to reach net zero by 2050 and investment in funding solutions for renewable energy will be crucial.

Tailored Funding Solutions for Renewable Energy

Anaerobic digestion is a process where organic matter such as animal or food waste is broken down to create biofertilisers and biogas.  A growing network of anaerobic digestion plants across the UK are providing facilities to create these versatile, renewable fuels.

Anaerobic digestion breaks down organic matter without oxygen and as the bacteria consumes the waste it gives off green gas – biogas – that rises to the top of the digester.  Biogas is purified to produce biomethane which can be an alternative to natural fossil fuel gas.

We work with specialist lenders to provide funding solutions for renewable energy such as anaerobic digestion.  Project across the UK, including Northern Ireland are considered with experts available to help make your AD project a reality.

Biomass Finance Energy Source

Biomass is another renewable energy source which is generated from the burning of wood, plants and other organic matter. When organic matter, such as purpose grown crops, sawmill residues, animal manure, household waste, is burnt it releases carbon dioxide but much less than fossil fuels.  Biomass can be used to generate heat, electricity and used as a liquid fuel.  Where the organic matter comes from a sustainable source, it can be considered a renewable energy source.

Developer Money Market works with expert lenders that can support biomass projects across the UK and at any stage of development. We can create tailored funding solutions for renewable energy systems.

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