Property Development Sales Guarantee

Raising cash to put into a new opportunity is and ongoing challenge for all developers, however, a property development sales guarantee could be a solution.

How Does a Property Development Sales Guarantee Work?

Get up to 80% of your GDV guaranteed and use the deposit as a cash injection towards the acquisition price of the property asset. The cash comes from property investors who will exchange contracts simultaneously upon the developer taking the senior debt to acquire the land/property.

The investor deposit is released to the developer in order that it can go into the project costs.

An Example of Property Development Sales Guarantee:

  • A development of 20 houses has a GDV of £10,000,000 – each house GDV £500,000
  • The forward property development sales guarantee will be up to 80% of the GDV – £8,000,000 – £400,000 per house guaranteed
  • The investor deposit = 10% of the guarantee – £800,000
  • The £800,000 deposit is paid to the developer and is used towards the acquisition price

The £800,000 deposit is paid to the developer and is used towards the acquisition price

The build term is 18 months and the sales term is a further 6 months with the senior lending being, therefore, 24 months.

  • During the project the developer can sell the properties on the open market in the normal way
  • As each unit is sold, the investor receives repayment of their deposit and fee for providing the guarantee
  • At the end of the term, the property sales guarantee of £400,000 will be paid for any unsold units
  • The investors fee is calculated on a sliding scale based on the proportion of unsold units and is not paid where the investors acquire a unit

Key Features of Forward Property Development Funding

  • For all new build housing schemes
  • Locations across England and Wales are considered
  • 10 – 60 house units per development or phase (Not available for flats or apartments)
  • Typical GDV’s of between £3,000,000 to £20,000,000
  • 10% deposit is released to the developer REDUCING THEIR UPFRONT CONTRIBUTION
  • No security required
  • Investor pays their own legals
  • Senior lenders valuation used

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  • Jamie Bailey

    Hi Guys,

    I’m new to development sales guarentee and the question I have is, can this be used as a deposit towards a development site? And if so does the developer need to put additional in towards the build?

    Many Thanks

    • DMM

      Hi Jamie,

      Yes I can confirm that the deposit released goes into the scheme as equity but there is an expectation for the developer to also contribute equity of no less than 5% of the projects total costs.

      Kind Regards


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