Enhancing New Homes Marketing

They say that “a photograph is worth a thousand words” and this is never truer than when creating and enhancing new homes marketing.  The quality of your new homes marketing can potentially be the most important element of your project.  Get it right and the viewings will follow; get it wrong and you may struggle to get interest.

Developer Money Market can provide marketing support to help get the most out of your property investment.  Our cost effective service can breath new life into your sales programme at an affordable price.

An example service it “Virtual staging of property”.  This is an affordable and very effective means to digitally convert the photo of an empty, univiting room, into a stylish environment that entices a viewing.

Enhancing new homes marketing before and after example

What is Virtual Staging

When seeking a means of enhancing new homes marketing then ‘Virtual Staging’ is one of the fastest and cost-effective options available.  For most potential buyers, their first view of their next home will be online via one of the many property portals such as Rightmove, OnTheMarket, etc and so just image how those potential buyers may react to your photography.  If your lead images are of empty rooms, or even rooms that are yet to have carpeting, then that property may look cold and uninviting.  For those potential buyers that may not have your vision of what the property will look like, then virtual staging can convert that room into a potential home.

Advantages of Virtual Staging

  • You can transform a photograph quickly from an empty room to an inviting potential home
  • Virtual staging is cost effective with pricing from just £39.95 per image
  • An attractive photography can convert online browsing into property visits
  • Choose the style of virtual furnishing to suit the property type
  • Include accessories such as pictures, plants, vases, cushions, etc
  • Traditional staging can require a large financial investment
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Enhancing new homes marketing and commercial images

When Virtual Staging Works Best

It is fair to say that virtual staging may not suit every property and certainly it works most effectively for enhancing new homes marketing.  However, virtual staging works well for;

  • Newly build or redeveloped homes or commercial property
  • Rooms with out-of-date furniture
  • Tenanted properties
  • To avoid having to have traditional physical staging for every room within a show home

Other Means of Enhancing New Homes Marketing

There are other simple tricks to giving your photography that “wow factor” and that will convert a quick glance into your latest viewing.

Another example of this is “Twilight Enhancement”.  Twilight Enhancement will take a potentially flat image and convert it into an image that has warmth and drama.  This simple effect can help the viewer image that what life in that location may be like and engage them with the property. This may just mean yet another viewing!

Twilight Image enhancement for real estate
Enhancing new homes marketing for a barn conversion

Twilight enhancement photography can cost from just £20.

Other image enhancement techniques can include converting a drab photo, perhaps one taken on a cloudy day, into a warm summers day.  This is again a straight forward technique that can take a dull view and turn it into an outlook that your potential buyer wants to experience for themselves.

Developer Money Market can provide a range of services for enhancing new homes marketing and for more information, simply contact us on 0207 096 2003 or email us via [email protected].

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