Funding for Property Developers New Recruit

Developer Money Market (DMM) have a new appointment to their team with Jason Dempsey joining as a New Business Manager dealing with new funding for property developers.  With a background in senior development, stretch, mezzanine and bridging finance, Jason brings great experience that will support property developers and investors seeking finance for their property projects.

The Developer Money Market platform was the first in the UK to bring the power of instant, online property loan searches to all property professionals.  Finding funding for property developers during the economic fall-out of the pandemic has become more difficult, however, not impossible as the DMM platform is proving.

Users can match instantly from over 300 property loan products against their particular project finance requirements and compare the features of each.  Search matches provide likely interest rates terms, typical arrangement and exit fees, max term, loan to cost and loan to value ranges.

“As well as matching potential loan products, our platform also provides an insight into the likely appetite for the lender, for example, whether they will only lend in particular geographical locations, preferred types of project and so on” says Jason.

Funding for property developers on the platform includes senior development, stretch, mezzanine and bridging loans from more than 100 specialist lenders and with facilities from over £25,000 to in excess of £100 million.

Developer Money Market wanted to create an easy, quick way to find and compare funding for property developers togther with information that helps in making an informed choice

Helping developers with new dynamic tools

“Users only need to enter headline information for their project, so the process is quick to make initial matches. The search process matches the information, such as loan size, loan to cost, loan to value, term, etc, and then only presents the loan products that may be suitable.

A dynamic slider tool enables the user to instantly vary the level of potential equity being provided which may bring in more matches if required. A simple click of the mouse can start a loan application process and that’s where I come in” Jason continues, “I am here to present the funding requirement to the lender and get them interested in providing funding.”

“I know only too well how important it is to professionally package a deal in the right way for a lender and sometimes these can be complex cases. There are many challenges for developers but we’re here to help make property investment opportunities a reality”.

If you are seeking funding for property developers then you can search online here.  Developer Money Market also has a team that can offer assistance in finding funding for property developers and can be reached via 0207 096 2003 or

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