Finding Property Development Exit Loans

Property developers face many challenges during a development project which can lead to delays and so finding property development exit loans may be important.  The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have caused delays to projects during the past year and this may mean that original development funding has passed it repayment date.  Development exit finance is a form of bridging loan that can help developers repay a more expensive development, stretch or mezzanine loan.

Advantages of Property Development Exit Loans

  • Developers can repay an existing development or stretch loan
  • The lending risk is lower than development funding and so interest rates will also be lower
  • A development exit loan may provide much needed funding for a new project
  • Increase the sales period
  • Interest payments can be rolled up or serviced

Types of Property Development Exit Loans

  • Up to 75% day 1 open market value
  • Rates from 0.55% pm Available to SPV borrowers
  • For projects that have reached practical completion or close to it
  • Suitable for freehold and leasehold property (minimum lease period may be applied)
  • Loans available from £100,000 to £50 million
  • Fast completions possible
  • Terms up to 24 months typical, longer may be possible
  • No exit fees
  • Available across the UK

Development exit finance can be placed quickly, you do not necessarily need to achieved PC and you can choose retained interest or serviced options

Property Development Exit Loans Can Be Placed Quickly

Development exit loans can often be put in place with a few weeks and, with the original loan repaid, this can enable time for the project to be completed and achieve its sale or rental potential.

Property development exit loans can be placed quickly, you do not necessarily need to achieved PC and you can choose retained interest or serviced options.

Developer Money Market has a large panel of development exit lenders and can provide impartial guidance to finding a funding solution.  We are specialists in property development loans with a panel of over 100 lenders and 300+ loan products.  We can provide independent guidance on property development funding with no broker fees and procuration fees only on the successful placing of a facility.

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