Top 10 Tips for Creating a Show Home

Designing the perfect show home for your new property development is not, necessarily, as easy as you might first think and so our top 10 tips for creating a show home is here to help.

Just as a beautifully presented show home can be the secret to sale, a badly designed how home could put a potential buyer off. So, our top 10 tips for creating a show home is a guide to getting this essential process right first time.

Top 10 Tips for creating a Show Home

1. Colours are crucially important to setting the style of your property. Keep these colours in proportion with one dominant colour (this is often the white of walls and ceilings), a key colour that is not more than 30% of the room and will be in the fabrics of a sofa, dining room chairs, etc. Then have a highlight colour that adds some vibrancy to a room, and this might be within say rugs, cushions or picked out in artwork. There is a very good reason that for many years, big housing developers kept all their show homes in a rather bland magnolia. Whilst you needn’t follow that colour scheme, simply do not get too tempted to stamp a strong style that could be controversial.

2. Don’t over complicate a room! Keep your room organisation in a symmetrical manner with space between each piece of furniture. Your furniture arrangement is a key top 10 tip for creating a show home because if you complicate a layout, the eye will be busy deciphering this and not imaging life there. Be careful to not make a room feel too masculine or too feminine; this is a top mistake from inexperienced developers.

3. Use your furniture to define how space may be best used. Naturally, this will normally include defining a lounge area with comfortable seating and perhaps a fireplace. Use your furniture to create a focal point which might be a log burner or the view towards patio doors or view out of a window.

Styling, colour proportions, accessory concentration and eyeline perception is a bit of an art that the professionals do tend to make look easy. Equally, many inexperienced property developers have demonstrated also how easy it is to get the visualisation of a show home very wrong

Top 10 Tips for Creating a Show Home – Understand your buyers emotions

4. Make sure that your furniture choices are not over powering a room. A huge sofa make look very comfortable but if it takes up too much of the room you are simply going to make the space seem smaller. The same goes for the dining table; if you have the space that can be used for entertaining then help visualise it for you buyer and get them imagining an evening showing off their new home to friends.

5. Visitors may sit where you have positioned your furniture so image what that viewpoint will be like. So do not put the sofa facing a blank wall or with the back to the dominant light source. Imagine yourself relaxing of an evening and the emotion that your buyer will feel.

6. Accessorise your rooms to give them the feeling that the buyer is already at home and could sit down to relax straight away. This will include having the perfect lounge with a book or magazines looking like they’ve just been put down. The dining table will be laid for dinner with friends that are arriving at any moment for a lovely candlelit evening of chat. But avoid photo frames with people featured; remember you want your viewer to feel like they are in their home, not someone else’s.

7. Property buying is a very emotive feeling and different rooms will trigger that emotion in people, but a key room is the kitchen. To create that perfect kitchen you need to arrange your furniture accessories with thought. Do not over clutter the worktops, keep a selection of accessories more related to relaxing activities, i.e. making a filter coffee, chopping some herbs or reading a cookbook. Perhaps less of saucepans, washing up bowls and other items that are more hard work.

8. Keep it light! A room that is bright will always be more appealing than having any dull, poorly lit corners. Make sure that corners of rooms have lamps, always on, or position ceiling spotlights to illuminate potential areas lacking natural light. Keep this lighting on whenever you have viewings is a key of our top 10 tips for creating a show home.

9. Accent pieces. The style of your room may be contemporary if you have a modern house or apartment, it may need to be more traditional if aimed at the retirement sector or have a very comfortable feel for families. Above all, whatever the style, keep it consistent throughout all of your rooms and make sure the rooms transition correctly. You can afford to have a few statement pieces which might be a feature light fitting or large piece of art but blend it together with thought.
10. Creating the perfect bedroom can take inspiration from luxury hotel rooms for whom the art of business is much the same, needing people to feel comfortable immediately. Keep the furniture symmetrical, think of the fabrics and colours you are using and accessorise carefully. Oh, and for make sure that the bed linin is ironed, tucked in properly and straight! Oh, how we’ve seen so many scruffy bedrooms over the years.

Designing the perfect show home is not easy and for many people it does not come naturally but we hope our top 10 tips for creating a show home will be useful. You might like to seek inspiration soon at the Ideal Home Show too.  Needless to say, there is also so much more to this subject and so I dare say it is one we will return to in the future as it is a key means of realising your investment. If the above is making your head spin and you’d rather get some professional advice then contact us on [email protected] and we will be pleased to assist.

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