Development Finance Broker Services

When the right development opportunity comes along, the need for development funding is high on the agenda and whether to use a development finance broker.

Of course, when looking for property development finance then going direct is an achievable option for most and so why use a development finance broker? Applying directly to a bank is a process of firstly understanding the nature of finance that is required. This may be simply development finance alone, a combination of development and mezzanine funding or perhaps a stretch product. If you understand this and are comfortable with the likely structure, then there is nothing to prevent a direct approach to a specialist lender.

However, a development finance broker can assist by helping advising on the viability of the funding being sought and be able to guide through finding the appropriate lender. The relationship of a development finance broker with a lender is very important and can help ease the approach for funding, especially if the lending criteria is being pushed.

One should also not underestimate the time it takes to approach even just a few lenders direct whom will each have their own set of questions, criteria to check and, of course, lovely forms to complete

Your Personal Development Finance Broker

Developer Money Market can assist by offering a means to short circuit the need to directly approach a lender or multiple lenders. Our service will allow users to compare property development finance options online through a quick assessment of the funding requirement.

Comparing Property Development Funding

1. Register a secure account
2. Enter a brief overview of you and you project together with the funding required
3. Compare the matches and select hose of interest
4. Click to apply for the loan product(s) of your choice
5. Add supporting documents such as a copy of your appraisal, planning consent, etc

Developer Money Market will compile the information you have provided into a profession, easy to read document, that will enable our bank contact to quickly assess your funding requirement.

The banks will then contact you to gather any further information that they may require. The system is quick, efficient and means our introduction fee is low at just 0.5%*.

Naturally, Developer Money Market can also support you throughout the entire process and deal with the negotiations and form filling on your behalf should you wish. Our normal broker service requires a fee of 1%*.

We will, of course, have plenty of questions for you and will need to know:

  • About you
  • Your track record
  • All about the project you are proposing
  • The finance required
  • Your financial history and so on…

To compare property development finance simply click here or email us here [email protected]!

This information is presented in good faith and should not be considered financial advice. Developer Money Market is a trading name of DMM Technologies Ltd and is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and nothing within this information is intended, or should be accepted, as financial advice. No information within this website is intended to be a promotion or offer of financial services by Developer Money Market or any form of regulated services. Financial commitments should only be considered having taken appropriate advice from a qualified independent representative.

*Calculated against the gross facility amount upon first drawdown

Looking for funding for your next property development project?

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