New homes brochure design; advice and top tips

New Homes Brochure Design

In this increasingly digitalised world the necessity for a few pieces of paper stapled together in the form of a new homes brochure design might, at first, seem a marketing tool of a past.

But no, there remains an intrinsic satisfaction that we gain from having a professionally created  brochure in our hands. So far from being confined to history, a new homes brochure can be the first impression that a potential buyer may have of a new homes development.

This might mean and initial first just glance, a study again in front TV because an image grabbed our attention, perhaps passed to a partner for their response and to carry with us on the bus or to a meeting. This is information sharing that simply isn’t the same with electronic media.

Good brochure design can ignite an interest in the product or concept being described through a creative blend of eye-catching artwork, well written script, easy to understand diagrams and the tactile feel of quality paper under our finger tips.


We all know that first impressions count and so your new homes brochure design needs to look professional, match your development and location style, reflect the quality of design and specification but also engage the potential buyer to desire the lifestyle being offered. Buying a property is an emotive experience that will often start with your marketing material and so seek to start them on the purchase journey with a long-lasting connection to your development.

All the above needs to be created with efficiency, an understanding of the project and with a stage-by-stage process that keeps you in control of the final product. This process will should include your designer learning about your company history, philosophy, the location of the new project, your target market, any special marketing tools such as Help to Buy incentives or option packs and, of course, your budget.

A good new homes brochure designer can assist with creative suggestions, copy writing, professional photography, computer generated images (CGI), stock photography and logo design. You can read here Top ten tips for new homes brochure design.

Good new homes brochure design is a great way to promote your development project and should be done with careful thought and attention to detail. Follow every aspect of the design and do not leave it to others!

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