Top Tips for New Homes Website Design

New homes website design

The marketing of your development project is crucial to your success and the following top tips for new homes website design may just help polish your launch.  For most people, the purchase of their home is the most expensive acquisition of their life and so, you must ensure that you make a great first impression.

For a developer too the stakes are high as the launch of a new home development will be the culmination of a process of sourcing and securing a piece of land, dealing with planning consents and a Section 106, from sourcing funding to pouring over architects drawings and from finding the right contractor; a development project is a huge undertaking not to be taken on lightly.

Consequently, why would you launch the marketing of a new property development without making sure that your new homes website design is skilfully done?

10 Top Tips for New Homes Website Design

For many house hunters their search may begin whilst they are on a train, bus or even the underground and so where a call to you is not easy or possible. This means that your new homes website design needs to be professionally presented and grab the interest of that precious buyer!

The following are ten top tips for new homes website design that will create desire from buyers and help you compete with the big players:

  • New Homes Website Design Top Tip #1:
    ‘Responsive’ Design – this means your new homes website design will display quickly on a mobile device and automatically adjust the layout of content to suit the size of your visitor’s screen, whether it be a smartphone or tablet. Your website will work smoothly and intuitively on any mobile device.
  • Be ‘Cross Browser Compatible’:
    Your pages will display correctly on the most popular browser software including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.
  • Be Social Media Friendly!:
    As well as launching your new homes website design you will no doubt be launching the project on social media. Make sure that each page will be easy to share and encourage visitors to forward information on to their favourite social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and so on.
  • Ensure Intuitive Design:
    Your new homes website design needs to be easy to navigate. The menu will have to be easy to find and use so that your visitors can reach the information quickly.
  • Do Not Forget Page Speed:
    Page speed will be fast, each page will be judged by Google for how quickly it will download so you need to optimise each page carefully. A professional new homes website design studio should be able to test each page and optimise it.
  • ‘Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):
    There is no point having a great looking new homes website design if no one can find it! Every web page will be Search Engine Friendly (SEF) and optimised to ensure the right balance of key phrases to help your information rank as highly as possible.
  • Contact Details – Make it Easy!:
    If your visitor has liked what they read and wants to turn into a potential customer then they will need to get hold of you easily by telephone/email/live chat/social media so make that obvious to find!
  • Be Legal:
    When using Google Analytics to monitor your visitor traffic (pretty essential of course!) you will advise your visitors and give them an option for their data not to be monitored; it’s the law!
  • Content Management System:
    Your new homes website design is a dynamic animal that should grow organically with your business and you will have a means to quickly update the content yourself – an open source CMS is free and easy to use so don’t get trapped into an expensive bespoke system dependent on others.  Otherwise, check how much your new homes website design will cost to change.
  • Technical Support:
    ‘Technical Support’ – Things can go wrong sometimes if software is not kept up to date and properly (and regularly!) backed up so ensure that you have the right technical support to avoid a costly mistake. There are naughty people out there that will try to spoil your day so you need to protect yourself.  Whomever does your new homes website design will need to protect and support your website.
10 Top Tips for New Homes Website Design

Of course, there are many other aspects of any new homes website design such as the quality of images, having the correct content and so on, so plan carefully!  If you would like more advice on building a new website then contact us on [email protected].

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