Top ten tips for new homes brochure design

Top ten tips for new homes brochure design

There are, of course, many more than ten top tips for new homes brochure design but these are among the most essential.  Creating a great new homes brochure design is an art and one that can have a huge impact on the success of your development.

1. Make sure you use professionally taken photography or high quality computer generated images (CGI’s)

2. Where you are using CGI’s for off plan selling, then think about how you will explain the concept to a new buyer. New homes brochure design is a great way to sell a dream.  Show an external view, an overview of a whole development and a view of prime living space, including a view if appropriate.

Not got a show house?  Then consider having ‘virtual show house images created, learn more here.  These are CGI’s that can make an unspiring, empty room look appealing and tempt potential buyers to visit.

Give Your Buyers Information!

3. Ensure your new homes brochure design includes ‘user friendly’ floor plans. Do not use architect plans or the basic plans produced by estate agents

4. Do not forget to describe the location of your new homes development. Not everyone buys a home or investment in their local area and so ensure the benefits of the area are described and photographed.  This is a key point of any top ten tips for new homes brochure design and gets missed so often.  Has the area got great views?  Then show them off!

5. Highlight any incentives you may have such as Help to Buy. Apart from being an obligation of Help to Buy, shout about it; it’s as a great marketing tool

6. Make sure that your price list contains the information that a buyer will want to know quickly, i.e. how many bedrooms, what floor is the property on (in the case of flats), how big is the flat (in both metres and square feet) and any special features such as a balcony

top ten tips for new homes brochure design

7. Include your specification! If you are selling off plan, then a potential buyer has a leap of faith to take and will want reassurance as to what they’ll get for their money

8. Do not forget to explain who you are or the history of your company. If you have a track record then brag about it.  Someone buying off plan will take confidence from such background information.  Use a new homes brochure design to enhance your branding too, use a logo for easy recognition

9. There are more than one type of print option including digital print which may mean you can limit an initial print run to an affordable level. Especially good if the details may change.

10. Ensure your contact details are easy to find! This gets missed so often and is an essential among our top ten tips for brochure design.  Have a means of contact on almost every page if possible or within one page turn.

Brochure design and printing

If you follow these top ten tips for new homes brochure design then your estate agents or sales team will have a great tool to do their job.  The final product will be visually appealing and will have the highest chance of grabbing the attention and aspirations of your potential buyer.

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